A Customs Broker That Thinks the Way You Do

The Platinum Freight® Green Customs Clearance® business is built on principles. We believe that organisations devoted to making Australia a more eco-enviro friendly place should get all the support that they need.

As an Australian business ourselves, we understand the difficulties faced by other businesses when trying to remain competitive. With a global presence, we help local organisations reduce their operating costs without compromising on the quality of the service or the quantity of product that they can offer their customers.

Green business imports

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The difference is personalisation and unique expertise

We go above and beyond the norm to ensure that you get precisely the service you’re after. No two companies are identical, so we offer bespoke, one-on-one customer service available seven days a week, tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business. We ensure that you’re kept up to date on every development with your shipment, giving you the confidence to trade, instead of the worries of cost or when the goods will arrive.

Our team of customs brokers are constantly aware of the latest changes in Quarantine and Customs Regulations, combining years of experience in the industry with in-depth knowledge of Green Cargo®. Whether you’re importing electric cars, solar panels, home energy storage systems,  bicycles, organic fabrics or energy-efficient lightbulbs, you’ll benefit from our absolute commitment to quality, ensuring that we can satisfy your needs.

Cargo Ship

A new approach to customs clearance

Whatever your business needs, start a discussion today with our team and find out how we can assist you. Green Cargo® is already the preferred freight forwarder of many eco-enviro friendly businesses throughout Australia.

Benefit from our dedication to quality and the environment. Send us a message via our enquiry form and find out if your product qualifies as Green Freight® or Green Cargo® and save money on your Green Customs Clearance®.