Green Freight® Forwarding Made Easy for Australia’s Green Businesses

Work with a company who understands the social and the financial importance of your business. Green Customs Clearance® develops custom logistics solutions for businesses looking to help make Australia a more environmentally and eco-friendly place to live.

We understand that timelines need to be met; if a particular deadline cannot be met we will be up-front and tell you. Choose a company which has a proven track record with other Green importers. From the time the order is placed at the factory overseas until the moment it arrives at your premise, it’ll be monitored through the international borders by our experienced team.

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Connecting you with your suppliers and the world

Green Customs Clearance® is supported by a network of shipping companies who have been pre-selected for their reliability, efficiency and effectiveness which they deliver to the shipping process. Whether you’re importing from Asia, North America, Europe or South Africa – Green Freight® forwarding will monitor your product from where it is through to where it needs to be.

We’ll work closely with your suppliers to ensure that the movement is smooth and delivery is made promptly, ensuring that you can start selling or exhibiting sooner. We understand that your business relies on the right amount of product arriving in the right place at the right time, so you can feel confident relying on us.

Importing Green Products to Australia

A new approach to Green Customs Clearance® in Australia

Green Customs Clearance® offers companies with an eco-enviro mindset a choice. We want to see eco and enviro friendly organisations  rewarded for their efforts. To this end, companies who ship approved Green Freight® or Green Cargo® can benefit from reduced rates on our customs clearance services compared to the industry standard.

With so many enterprising start-ups looking for ways to import the best in environmentally-friendly goods such as solar panels to electric cars to bicycles to inverters and other products–to Australia, we want to help alleviate the start-up costs that importers experience. Get professional advice when you choose Green Customs Clearance® by Platinum Freight®.

Find out why organisations across the country are selecting us for their Green Customs Clearance® and get in touch today. Send a message through our contact form and one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members will be in contact soon.